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Thermomix in South Africa-here we go!


Alice Piktija was on holiday in Portugal when her brother introduced her to the Thermomix. She could not believe her eyes, when 6 meals were prepared in a 2 hour period, and the food that resulted was nutritious, delicious, and had taken the minimum amount of effort.

As Alice had 2 year old triplets at the time, and worked full time at a large corporate, she immediately saw the Thermomix benefits as especially written for her and she brought a Thermomix back with her to South Africa.

The Thermomix became part of the family as every day, healthy meals were prepared with little effort, and the Thermomix even washed itself. So with more time for her family, and to do things she enjoyed, Alice saw the need for this product in South Africa, after all why should 33 countries have this life changing product and not South Africa?

Alice contacted Vorwerk, who manufactures the Thermomix and began the process of importing the product into South Africa through her newly established company Port-a-kitchen. She so believed in this product, she left a 20 year career with a large retailer to bring this product to South Africans, to impact on all their lives.

Vorwerk-German engineering at its best!

Vorwerk is a German, family owned business since 1883 and their motto is “our best for your family”. They are known in over 60 countries worldwide for superior quality, and giving families “back” time to enjoy life!

Vorwerk has been producing the Thermomix since the 1960s, and the Thermomix is one of a kind with 23 patents. Vorwerk generated 2.27 billion Euro with 21’580 employees and 589’251 independent consultants in 2009. Vorwerk sold over 450’000 TM31 worldwide in 2009 and will sell around 500’000 in 2010.

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